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The Way Back Machine

Chapter 01 , 02

Chapter 2

           Well, sir, did those new rheostats I picked up do the trick?
           I really don't know how to thank you enough, lad. I should have this thing up and running within the next day or two.
           That much damage?
           Oh yes. The current to some of the most sensitive pieces in this thing has to be adjusted just perfect. I just hope we are lucky enough that we didn't damage any of the irreplaceable components.
           That is right, lad. Some of the most intricate parts of this entire machine are one-of-a-kind items.
           Did the inventor die, or something?
           Don't rightly know. Got them from a garage sale in Roswell, New Mexico. Old friend of mine was getting rid of a bunch of military surplus he had obtained in a special sale.
           Wow! So you ended up with high tech military secrets?
           Sure did. They are also in code.
           Yeah. There is a special code language on these items. Took me five years to finally figure it out. Quite an interesting coding sequence with an outrageously complicated substitution cipher, but I figured it out.
           You mean these weird alien-like symbols on the side, here?
           Yup, that's them. Pretty smart of the government to use those symbols. Helped to spread the alien hysteria in the sixties.
           Yeah, but that died out in the seventies, didn't it?
           Pretty much, although that is why I was able to get this stuff so cheap.
           So what happened to your old friend, then?
           Can't rightly say. Lost track of him shortly after I bought everything. Had a lot of federal agents stop by my lab trying to find him. Turns out he was a really good scientist, but he got a bit upset with his bosses. I'm not a snitch, especially to those lying feds. Told them I just stopped by for a cup of Earl Grey, and left. Didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
           Wow, sir. I didn't think science was such a dangerous profession.
           Oh, it is, lad. It is. Why, the government will try and get rid of any scientist that doesn't tow the line. I bet ya my old friend invented something that would hurt the oil industry. Oh, yeah. That will get you on a hit list quick. Yup, I even had to get creative about this project to get the grant money.
           What did you tell them?
           I didn't really lie, I just told them I was working on a universal translator.
           Just because I left out the fact that it could also translate conversations that were held in the historical past, doesn't make it any less of a universal translator, now, does it?
           So the universal translator is yours, then?
           The case around it, the circuit boards and all that, but the main module is government.
           Pretty risky, making your machine dependent on a single piece of government technology, isn't it?
           Heck, no! I got an entire box of those chips. They came in packages of a dozen. He told me they went into some special helmets, but he sold out of those the day before. Probably some new helmet so the troops don't have to have translators with them in combat.
           So what did you do to get the grant?
           The first chip I used, I tied that into a dummy chip which I made from some cell phone parts. It just relayed the information from the test model, to the real chip in my lapel pin, to their receivers. So when they popped opened the back and checked inside, they were none the wiser. Worked more than well enough to get me my initial grant.
           Wow, so what about the other tech you bought? What type of project do you think the government was working on?
           Time travel. Has to be time travel. Nothing else would explain it. After all, there aren't any aliens out there.
           Why do you say that, sir?
           It is all a government conspiracy to keep the good people of the world scared. That is what the governments do. Keep people scared so they don't fight their rulers. Then they blame everything on something else to get the people riled up and willing to fight and kill whomever the enemy is. Used to be done just for population control. Send a few hundred to a thousand people to a foreign land, and that is a thousand less mouths to feed. Now the government just does it to get their kick backs from the corporations that manufacture weapons that the government invented in the first place.
           Well, I can agree with that. I am familiar with the Industrial Military Complex. Still, it sounded like the people we have been listening to may have been aliens.
           You have a good point, lad. Yet as a scientist, I do not have enough data to confirm or deny such a claim. Still too many variables, although my hypothesis is leaning more towards the Druids. Logic dictates that aliens would have had reinforcements come and check on them every so often. I can NOT accept that. Nope, just can't do it. The reason the government stopped doing the alien conspiracy thing is simple. Not profitable to the Industrial WAR Complex. Much easier to sell weapons because of a tangible and visible threat than an invisible and unproven enemy.
           Hmmmm, haven't thought about that, sir.
           Don't worry, lad. You will start seeing what is going on, I am sure; after all, you have a lot of potential. You are turning into the best assistant I have ever had. Why if this goes well, I will have to put your name on the follow up Grant next year. That is when the funds for this lab finally runs out.
           I would be honored, sir.
           I know that, lad. I know. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to be associated with my name?
           Well, there is George.
           Oh, him. All I can say is you can't teach a turnip to be an oak tree. He was great for manual labor, but couldn't even figure out how to play a game of chess.
           Yup, never could get the knight moves down. Always screwed them up along with castling, and don't get me started on en passant.
           Yeah, that pawn in passing stuff confuses a lot of players.
           Sure does. Just shows how limited their individual brains are. Clearly substandard. But then again, even the World Chess Federation has their dirty little secrets, too.
           Oh yeah, the Lombardy family is credited with the creation of modern chess, but they only standardized it. It is what the french were doing in history at the time.
           Oh, that's right. I remember learning about that.
           Very good. Shows you listened to your professors.
           Yeah, they tried to standardized everything from artist paints to zuffolos. They ended up with the credit for a lot of things that were made in history.
           Not quite right there, lad. Those zuffolos were credited to the Italians. But pretty much correct. It was Alfonso the Tenth's manuscript that they plagiarized, but they didn't care. After all, King Alfonso the Tenth was a Spaniard.
           Yeah, you can get a copy of the manuscript and excellent translation online in pdf format now. Heck, they are releasing all kinds of good information.
           So when are we going to fire this machine back up, sir?
           Well if all goes well, hmmmmmm, now sound good?
           YES, SIR! Oh my, I'll be ready at my station, sir!
           Very good, lad. You just wait over there and let me do a few more adjustments, and we shall hear what happened.

I'm going to be rich! I'm going to be rich! I'm going to be FUCKIN' RICH!!!! Oh my god, he actually got a hold of alien technology, and he doesn't want to believe it! All I need are some electronics classes, and I'll be able to DE-engineer this shit, no problem. Fuck! Warren did better at putting boards together back in junior high than this old fart. If that nerd could do it, so can I. Gotta get a pack of those translator chips, and I'll be all set. Oh, he's almost ready. Got to get my head back into the game, here.

To be continued......