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See how we work! Everything is done by hand meaning no presses or stamps!

Leather Vambrace Tooling. :)

And since some people have asked how we do our leather work, here is a pictoral representation!

drawing on the transfer film
First, we draw the design.
taping where we want the design on the leather
Second, we place where we want it on the leather.
transferring designs onto leather
Third, we transfer the designs.
designs now on both sides
Designs transfered on both sides.
using a ceramic blade to carve the design into the leather
Fourth, we carve the designs into the leather.
carving done on both sides
Designs carved on both sides.
the design getting an undercut to make it stand out from the background
Fifth, we start undercutting.
tooling the inside of the design to let the knot work design stand out
Sixth, we start tooling the inside of our designs.
tooling both design pieces
Tooling done on both sides.
We bevel the knot work over-and-unders to give the design more of a 3 dimensional form.
Seventh, we bevel the knot work to create a 3-D form.

      Then we start the process of dyeing the leather!
      And that's how we create our work! Hope you all
      enjoy! =)